2015: My “triathlon challenge”.

For the year ahead I’ve set myself the challenge to cycle 10,000 kilometers, run 1,000 km and swim 100 km. I’ve got all year to attain the targets and I’ll briefly diarise my progress (or lack of it) here, both as motivation to myself, as a permanent record and reminder and a possible incentive to other people who might be interested in setting themselves a similar challenge or simply experience it vicariously from their sofa.

Here’s me: 59 years old, a skinny but lazy retiree in good health, but prone to vegetate in front of the computer in winter or snooze in the garden in summer.

Each year I like to set myself some sort of challenge just to shake up the comfortable routine a bit. Last year (2014) it was to do some press-ups every morning as soon as I got up, starting with 10 and gradually building up to 50 over the course of the year. Thank goodness that’s over! I missed about 3 days I think, but by the end, even though it only took a couple of minutes, counting up to the 50 was getting rather boring. I find having an annual target is finite enough to maintain focus and motivation but also long enough to provide a proper challenge and to really establish a strong routine. One day last summer, dimly aware that the years were catching up with me, I thought of this “triathlon challenge” as a project for 2015. Originally I was thinking in miles but, realising that it was beyond my capacity,  by scaling it down to kilometers it only seemed daunting, but do-able.

I’ll diarise my progress here. I’ve never dabbled in blogging before so I don’t know how often I’ll get to post, or if it’ll be of the slightest interest to anyone. A training diary is probably one of the least inspiring literary genres, but I will try not to be too dry and uninteresting. So, wish me luck – here goes!



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