Week 2 – Easy does it.

In which I: Cycle 84k, Run18k, Swim 0k

Thursday 8th January. Heavy rain so I decided on a rest day, but in the afternoon out came the sun, which I took as a sign from above to get out and cycle.(12k)

Friday. To the building society in Kentish Town by bike (7k), and in the afternoon ran to and back from my local Buddhist Centre, where I am a volunteer on Fridays (2 x 2k).

Saturday. High winds and rain but fortunately a prior commitment on the South Bank gave me no excuse to slack off completely (16k cycling).

Sunday. A beautiful, clear, sunny January morning for my longest run yet – a 2k out-and-back route (4k total) with one steep section. Took it really easy and ‘warmed down’ with a short (4k) bike ride.

Monday. 4k run – 22″55′. Too wet to get the bike out, but as I had an empty evening to fill, put in another short 2k run -10″23′

Tuesday. Pumped tyres up rock-hard and pedalled round the park for 23k.

Wednesday. A flat tyre and biting easterly wind did not bode well. The puncture was a slow one, so I rode to the park, locked my bike, and ran 4 circuits of a flat 1k lap that I had measured out the day before (22″ 54′). I had aimed on 5 laps but my calves felt stiff and sore, it was bitterly cold, and I felt decrepit and barely managing to trundle.[ Note to self: more flexibility needed.] Declining tyre pressure prevented more cycling than was necessary to get me back home (7k), but the weather forecast for the next few days was ominous, so in the afternoon I patched the inner tube and recce’d and measured out a few routes in the park (15k),


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