Week 3 – Brass monkeys

In which I: Cycle 114km, Run 26km and don’t swim at all.

The coldest week yet – I’m looking forward to some weather when being outdoors might actually be fun. For now, it’s head down and try to do as much as I can.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Parkland Walk. 3km of disused railway line now serving as a cycle and foot path between Highgate Woods and Finsbury Park. A community campaign in the 70’s saved this beautiful space from being  built over by the local councils.

Thursday. Another puncture! Overinflating my tyres to decrease rolling resistance doesn’t seem such a good idea any more. Fixed the tube and churned out 18k riding in the park with two 1km runs interspersed (4″59′ and 4″49′). Later, brief bike ride to shops (3k).

Friday. A ride in the park (9k), a run to the Buddhist Centre (4k). Found a little sliver of mica in my front tyre which had caused another puncture – it seems that the park paths are to blame for my recent punctures, which is a shame as they make for otherwise pleasant cycling.

Saturday. Pre-breakfast cycle pootle around local roads (8k) then my longest run yet – 6k in 33″ 56′

Sunday. With next door’s scaffolders starting work at 9am on a Sunday I need no additional reason to get out of the house. A cold, cold morning for a good 21k of cycling in the park, coupled with a 1k run to warm myself up (no, really – hands get very cold on a bike and running around encourages the circulation back into frozen fingers).

Monday. After doing the morning shop, a tired 6k run on a crisp sunny morning – 35″17′. Made the most of the pleasant weather to cycle 15k in the park, too.

Tuesday. Brrrr! The coldest morning yet. Rode along the Parkland Walk (15k), where a grey wagtail was foraging on frozen puddles, and inserted a 1k run (4″59′).Errands in the afternoon, including the investigation of a swimming pool,  added another 17k of cycling.

Wednesday. Morning 6k run – 34″29′. A busy day so only cycled 9k in the cold and dark this evening.


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