Week 4 – Birthday Boy

In which I: Cycle 91km, Run 27km and Swim 2km

Almost a month in and I’m keeping up with the running but falling behind with cycling and swimming. At the year’s start my daily requirements for cycling, running and swimming were 27.4k, 2.74k and 274m respectively. Now they are 28.6k, 2.73k and 290m. Not out of control yet and it should  be easier to cycle and swim when the weather warms up.

Thursday. Out of the house in morning darkness to cycle to the local swimming pool for the first swim of my challenge. At £5 a visit I aim to get my money’s worth: 80 rather boring lengths (2k) and about 2 hours later I emerge hypothermically to head home for a 10 o’clock breakfast. The afternoon consists of a ride to the park (11k total) and a flat 6k run once there (33″ 53′).

Friday. A ‘rest’ day, but with a bike trip to Wickes (11k) and a run to the Buddhist Centre (4k).

Saturday. By bike in the morning to the South Bank for coffee (16k) and an evening run (3k),

Sunday. My 60th birthday.  I’m now a ‘sexagenarian’, which isn’t as funky as it sounds.  I had wanted to cycle 60k to commemorate but there wasn’t time.as I had a lunch organised with friends near Euston. But I left home early and did a few laps of Regents Park instead and, after a huge meal, cycled home for a total of 33k for the day – the most yet by bike.

Monday. Woke up feeling every one of my 21,915 days: sore foot, aching knees and still very overfed. Only the knowledge that I would have to do it another day if I didn’t do it now, sore foot or not, got me out to the park (5k) for a 4k run in around 23 minutes.

Tuesday. Feel the beginnings of a cold coming on but 6k run along the Parkland Walk (33″16′) and 10k cycle to make the most of a sunny morning.

Wednesday. Sore throat and cough. To Homebase in the morning (5k) and 4k run in the afternoon (22″46′).


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