Week 6 – Winter drags on

In which I Cycle 28k, Run 29k and Swim 0k.

bus interiorOn Saturday I used my brand new 60+ Oyster Card to visit Oxford Street for the first time in many years. Such a nice feeling to be able to just hop on and off any bus for free but I hope it doesn’t make me lazy. I went on one of the new Routemaster buses for the first time and the interior design is really tasteful – red patterned seats with maroon decor and mustard handrails give it a warm, old-fashioned wood-and-plush feel even though the lines are contoured and modern. A welcome contrast to the nursery school colours that seem to have been in vogue for the past few decades.

Afterwards, I found this article:


Thursday 5th Feb. Busy day working on the house. Evening run of 2k (10″46′)

Friday. Unappealing, cold, grey weather. Worked on the house most of the day but ran to the Buddhist Centre for my volunteer session as usual (4k).

Saturday. Another indoors-y day. To Homebase by bike, looking for a heater (7k) and a 3k run in the evening (16″11′).

Sunday. The weather relents – a cool but calm and sunlit morning perfect for a 6k run along the Parkland Walk (33″58′) to take me past the 100k mark. Only 900 to go!

Monday. To the library by bike (7k) where I am told that, thanks to having turned sixty, I no longer have to pay overdue charges. Somehow that doesn’t seem right. A sunny afternoon tempted me out to Finsbury Park where I alternated running and cycling circuits – 1k + 2k +2k (5″27′. 10″18′, 10″20′) for a total of 5k running and 8k cycling.

Tuesday February 10th – Statistically the coldest day of the winter. So I am looking forward to more pleasant rides and runs as the earth warms up and spring arrives. Today it’s grey and gloomy rather than cold but good enough for a 6k run on the Parkland Walk (32″45′)

Wednesday, A short ride (5k) and a short run (3k in 15″47′) to round off the week on another cold, leaden day. A strange week in that I’ve run futher than I’ve cycled. I can’t imagine that happening too often.


3 thoughts on “Week 6 – Winter drags on”

  1. It’s a library thing. No borough charges. However, the over 60s generally are punctual with their returns so there’s no money to be had from you!


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