Week 7 – Mud, sweat and gears

In which I Cycle 118k, Run 25k and Swim 2.1k

Parkruns are 5k runs generally held at 9am each Saturday all over the country. I’d known of them for some time, but this week I finally filled in the on-line registration form and printed out the barcode I was emailed. All I then had to do was get to the starting point in Finsbury Park at the right time, andwith about 250 other runners, set off when told to. I was about a third of the way back to begin with, and for the first 500m it felt like everyone behind me was overtaking. I resisted getting competitively drawn along and exhausting myself, so I just kept at my normal plod, aiming for a finish in around 27 minutes. After a while everybody seemed to settle into their natural places.  The course comprised two laps of an undulating circuit incorporating only one steep-ish climb. At the finish I collected another barcode which was scanned along with my personal one and the results were on-line a few hours later. I ended up somewhere in the middle of all the runners. Very well-organised and totally FREE!  Parkrun1(click to enlarge) —————————————————————————————-

Thursday. Yet another cold, grey, featureless day. I’d decided on a rest, but a run-in with next-door’s builders over chucking their debris in my garden prompted me to turn my annoyance into productive exercise with a 20k ride in the park.

Friday. A busy morning that left me feeling lazy meant I cycled to the Buddhist Centre instead of running (4k). The guilt kicked in later, so I ran a sedate 3k (16″02′) in the evening.

Saturday. My first Parkrun 5k (see above) and cycled to the South Bank for coffee (20k total).

Sunday, Knees and legs a bit stiff and sore after yesterday’s activities. Maybe I had got carried away after all and pushed a bit too hard in the Parkrun. Cycled some of my running routes to check distances and also to nearby Islington for lunch (23k total). In the afternoon the sun finally came out (rah!) so I essayed a very gentle untimed 3k run/jog.

Monday. Up at the crack of dawn and to the swimming pool, where I completed 84 lengths (2.1k) in something like two hours. Into town in the afternoon to try out a chess club I’d just found out about (19k cycled in the day)

Tuesday. Zippety-doodah. A wonderful morning with tepid sunshine; the best of the year so far. My longest run yet –  a rather slippery 7k along the Parkland Walk after recent rain in about 39″30′ ( I messed up with the stopwatch) rewarded by coffee and cake at the cafe in the park. That and 10k of cycling to and around the park filled out the morning.

Wednesday. More good weather so I repeated yesterday’s run, but without the stopwatch malfunction – 7k in 38″30′. Tooling around the park in the sunshine and library and other errands added another 22k to my cycling total.


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