Week 8 – No alarms and no surprises

In which I Cycle 41k, Run 27k and Swim 2.3k

A slow news week where some good runs and a swim balance out the lack of cycling. Without more ado I’ll move on to the dry daily details.

Thursday. Rain forecast so ran a gentle 4k in the morning (22″46′) and in the afternoon a walk in the rain with my friend and blog maven Cathy, who helped lively up my site with a few gadgets and tips. Her own much more polished bloggings can be found at https://beecathy.wordpress.com/

Friday. Just the usual Friday pattering of feet to the Buddhist Centre and back (4k).

Saturday. My second Parkrun – and I stormed it! Well, I took nearly a minute off last week’s time anyway and finished first in my age group – even though there were only two of us and the other one was just one second behind me. I’ll still take that. Chatted with some of the other runners over a hot chocolate in the cafe afterwards.Parkrun2(click to enlarge)

To Ally Pally in the evening for food & chat at a friend’s – 13k biking for the day.

Sunday. Played guessing games with the weather and lost. Instead of putting in my session in the morning, I tarried and the afternoon was rained out so in the end I only managed a gentle, untimed 3k run after dark.

Monday. 92 lengths of the pool in a little under two hours (2.3k) followed by a cycle in the park (20k total) and a late-afternoon 3k run in 25″11′ for my most productive day’s aggregate total so far – 1/108th of my year’s target.

Tuesday. There was almost an anticipation of spring in the air this morning – some pale early sun and no chill in the air or condensation on the window when I woke up. Rode to the park and ran the 5k parkrun course in 26″22′ – over a minute slower than on Saturday without other runners about to push me (not literally).

Wednesday, Cycled to the station (4k), but took the Northern Line to visit my debile, diabetic dad in south London for the afternoon. Almost forgot my training entirely after such a busy day but remembered late in the evening and just about found the motivation to put in a 3k run before bedtime.


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