Week 9 – New shoes for old

In which I Cycle 30k, Run 28k and Swim 2.2k

Shopping for new running shoes, as my current pair are on their last legs, I was delighted to find among all the fashion labels a pair of Hi-Tec Silver Shadows – the very same model as my current shoes, which I must have had for a couple of decades. It was like unexpectedly meeting an old friend.  I quite unashamedly recommend Hi-Tec shoes as cheap, no-nonsense and practical. I also buy their walking boots and unless you are label-conscious or really know what you want and are prepared to pay for it, in my opinion they are quite the business. Looking at what I’ve done to my last pair, it’s hard to believe it is the same shoe.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Thursday 26th Feb. Today it was my mother’s turn for filial attention. She’s in a care home with dementia more than 2 hours’ drive away so the day was spent driving a rental car there and back and taking her out to tea. Called on some friends in Milton Keynes on the way back and spent the evening with them. 1k cycled to pick up the car.

Friday. Another 1k cycle back from returning the car. 4k running to & from the Buddhist Centre.

Saturday. My third Parkrun 5k at a fairly comfortable pace but without slacking off, and shaving 17s off my PB from last week. Parkrun3

Sunday. 8k run in 44″31′ around the park and Parkland Walk. My longest yet, both in distance and in time. 8k of ancillary cycling.

Monday. I felt like having a rest day, but although there was a cold wind the afternoon was sunny so I cycled to the park and ran three 1k laps at different speeds as a kind of interval training – a slow 5″28′ followed by a ‘fast’ 4″47′ and ending with a steady-paced 5″02′. I’m fantasising about going sub-25 minutes on the Parkrun sometime. The cycling came to 7k.

Tuesday. Up at the crack of dawn to the pool for 88 lengths (2.2k plus 4k on the bike) followed by a lazy afternoon and 3k run in the evening in 15″ exactly.

Wednesday. To the park and ran the 5k Parkrun course in 26 minutes precisely. Followed that up with coffee and a rather sickly, sticky cake at the cafe. 6k atop the bike.


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