Week 11 – Forget it

In which I Cycle 53k, Run 35k and Swim 2.5k

A week perfectly exemplifying the circularity and ultimate emptiness of existence. A week without landmarks, successes or failures; a week of trivial chores and limited social interactions; a week in which I have aged seven days without having harvested the least amount of wisdom; a week in honour of forgetfulness; a week without even a preamble of substance and with just the bare figures enumerated. Sorry.

Thursday. Another lovely spring day for a 6k run in 32″ 24′ and 8k of cycling.

Friday. The Buddhist Centre run (4k) and 10k of morning biking.

Saturday. It’s time for another Parkrun – on a rather (appropriately) parky morning. A harsh easterly and leaden feet made it feel like hard work this week. No personal best today, but the same time as two weeks ago, so maybe I have reached some sort of plateau.


Sunday, bloody Sunday….. a grey, moist, almost dead, day. The first rain we’ve had in a while in the form of periodic showers. A day for curling up with a book and watching a Kieslowski film on Youtube as the droplets blow onto the window panes with a lazy 3k jog just to keep the numbers moving.

Monday. Up with the lark for 100 lengths of Highbury Pool (2.5k) and on a cold, almost autumnal afternoon with a watery sun hidden among slaty clouds, like a November dusk with frost in the offing, a 7k run (36″35′).

Tuesday. A rest day. Shopping and light housework. But somehow … doing nothing didn’t feel right so I tucked in a 3k run in 15″17′.

Wednesday. A crisp, cold, sunny morning for a run (7k run in  36″26′) and an almost-warm afternoon for cycling in the park (21k).


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