Week 12 – The Average Week

In which I Cycle 73k, Run 33k and Swim 2.5k

After twelve weeks it’s becoming clear that I’m well on target for my running mileage but severely adrift in the cycling. I’ll publish some bar charts later, but this week I’m just including a chart of my daily total targets, revised day-by-day.

Moving Daily Target – Days 1 to 85


The cycling requirement (blue) climbs steadily, almost as if I wasn’t doing anything (which is almost true), rising from 27.42 to 32.66 kilometres/day while the running asking-rate (red) has slowly reduced from 2.74 to 2.5 kilometres/day as I have got ahead of the game. The swimming target (yellow) has a saw-tooth profile, climbing between swimming days and dropping each time I put in a big swim, but generally is holding steady after a poor start to the year. My plan is to throttle back on the running as the weather gets warmer and to spend more time cycling – taking advantage of longer, warmer days to do some long trips. Up till now the weather hasn’t been favourable, but I will be away this weekend on the bike and hope to be able to start heading that blue line off.

Thursday 19th March. A bone-chilling day. I don’t want to go out but I reason that the sooner I do the sooner it will all be over. A 5k run in the park (25″52′) and then some cycling around looking for tiles for the bathroom (19k).

Friday. The morning seems particularly gloomy, cold and horrible – and then I remember that above the total cloud-cover an eclipse is taking place. When it is safely over, the clouds disperse and we have a gloriously sunny afternoon. I made today a rest day – the first one when I haven’t run in over two weeks – and just cycled to my usual Friday afternoon shift at the Buddhist Centre (6k)

Saturday. It’s Parkrun time again. Maybe yesterday’s rest helped, or maybe it was just because I practically killed myself, but this week was another personal best. parkrun6 Afterwards I cycled to the South Bank for coffee & conversation (19k)

Sunday. The Vernal Equinox, and as it’s officially now spring I go for a parkland run without my gloves. Mistake. 6k in 37″27′ but by the end my tiny hands were frozen (even now, typing this, my fingers still feel clumsy and numb). Although as a promise of better days to come, I did notice that many of the shrub and sapling buds along the disused railway were burgeoning into leaf. 4k on the bike getting there and back.

Monday. Today was dedicated to tiling in the bathroom – making the most of time when my housemates are away. Just 2k of cycling to the tile shop and a fast 3k run (14″33′) late in the afternoon.

Tuesday. Up and out early (6.45am) for 100 lengths of the pool (2.5k). Breakfast always tastes so much better afterwards. More work on the bathroom and then a sluggish 6k run (31″44′ )in the park in the afternoon with a short bike ride (8k) – tempted out by warm sunshine and finishing in a hailstorm. Lovely.

Wednesday. Groundhog day with the cold and dispiriting weather – will spring never arrive? Went for a 7k run free from the tyranny of the stopwatch and followed it with 15k of cycling.


One thought on “Week 12 – The Average Week”

  1. Gareth it’s all coming back to me , now I can read it blow by blow, it’s about as riveting as Rosie , and she won in the end! So keep it up don’t be distracted by leggy blondes , or Australian waitresses.


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