Week 14 – Making K’s while the sun shines

In which I Cycle 144k (again!), Run 29k and Swim 2.6k


Quirky door encountered on a bike ride round the neighbourhood.

Thursday 2nd April. Cold. 6k on two legs (30″35′) and 10k on two wheels.

Good Friday. Wet, and due a rest day. Just 5k by bike for shopping and a very easy 2k run, untimed.

Easter Saturday Parkrun. There’s a ‘Funfair’ in the park, so the normal course is diverted over a grassy area, muddy and slippery. And it seems slightly longer, so I am not expecting a good time but soon I catch up with an acquaintance who is normally faster than me and we are level pegging until the last 2-300 metres, when he pulls ahead to finish 10 yards up. When the results are posted, I find I have achieved another personal best.

parkrun7Sunday. Back to the park for a 7k run (36″08′). A mellow afternoon for 20k of meandering on the bike, which takes me past the 1,000k mark for the year.

Monday. Spring has properly sprung. A lovely day to bunk off running and cycle 33k on park paths instead.

Tuesday. A beautiful day and a very active morning, starting with my longest swim yet – 104 lengths (2.6k), breakfast and a 6k run. I thought two hours of swimming would slow me down, and I did feel rather tired but still managed a  good time (for me) of 29″39′. After a coffee break, I cycled my daily total up to 35k, making it the first day in which I met or exceeded the daily apportionment of all three disciplines.

Wednesday. Another fine day with no rain forecast. I took the bike out and just followed my nose, ending up at the former Olympic park in Stratford. Had a look inside the velodrome and cruised around the many paths in this large landscaped area until lunchtime (38k). Fastest yet 3k evening run in 14″15′



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