Week 15 – Centenarian

In which I Cycle 138k, Run 21k and Swim 2.5k

April 10th marked the 100th day of the year, and by extension, my tri-activity challenge. I have made some graphs of my running and cycling tallies for each day, and include them here, adjusted so that the vertical scales match the respective targets. Running is the top one, and the cycling is below it:


What stands out is how much better the running is going, after a slow start and a brief hiatus for my illness at the end of January. The blue horizontal line indicates the average over the period, of around 3.6k/day. The cycling ‘Manhattan’ by contrast is pathetic, averaging around 12k/day – less than half my daily target. Only the two days of travelling to and from the Chilterns have really approached what I need to be doing at least a couple of times a week from now on. Food for thought.

Thursday. A day frittered away semi-randomly wandering around East London, cafe-hopping and with friend Cathy indulging her penchant for photographing street art. I put in 15k of cycling in the evening by way of atonement.

Friday. This makes me so mad:-

pollutionIt’s not all the motorists’ fault, but they are partly to blame for the government advising me not to exercise today because the air is not fit to breathe. Whether I’m walking, cycling, shopping, running, trying to get some peace and quiet or just breathing, motorists seem to find a way of impairing my experience. The only time I am (almost) shot of them is in the swimming pool. I defy the government and ride 11k and run an easy 2k anyway, trying not to breathe too deep.

Saturday. The usual Parkrun – no personal best time this week, but some compensation in finishing top of my age-group, and rounded the afternoon off with 21k of cycling.


Sunday. A lazy one. Just a nearby social event – 10k by bike.

Monday. 7k run on the Parkland Walk in 35″17′.

Tuesday. A beautiful morning, but I seem to have a slight cold (maybe it was all that pollution on Friday…yes definitely it was), so don’t go swimming and run 7k in 35″47′ (split time over the Parkrun 5k was 25″20′) and cycle 14k instead, and another 13k in the evening, after a hard afternoon’s gardening.

Wednesday. Less snuffly today so did 100 lengths of the pool (2.5k) and spent a lovely, sunny afternoon cycling towpaths (46k including the pool trip).


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