Week 17 – A Bike Trip and Builders

In which I Cycle 158k and Run 18k.

I noticed this among overgrowth by the roadside near Haslemere on Sunday. Having grown up in a country at peace I find it hard to believe that it was not so long ago that we were preparing to do battle in the leafy lanes of Sussex, and I never cease to be grateful that it didn’t come to that.


Quite by chance, I happened upon John Donne’s old gaffe too, by the Wey and Arun Canal.


On reaching the Thames, I was rather taken by this grand old building.


Thursday 23rd April. Another day wasted waiting in for next door’s builder to rectify damage. One necessary bike trip undertaken (4k).

Friday. Finally, the builder arrives & replaces the slates he has broken – but the morning has gone. A Buddhist Centre afternoon (5k by bike).

Saturday. The usual Parkrun 5k and a personal best once again – this time by 28 seconds.


Then, in the afternoon, by train and bike to visit my friend Tony in Sussex which racked up 38k of cycling.

Sunday. A leisurely ride back from Midhurst in Sussex. I found myself crossing the Wey & Arun Canal, so  I followed the towpath up to Weybridge where it meets the Thames, and took the Thames Path to Richmond and a train home from there. 91k and a very peaceful, traffic-free ride, with some interesting sights thrown in.

Monday. The builders from next door turn up to do a small job turning a window into a door. They turn the house upside down and take up virtually the whole day. Against the odds I manage a 3k run and 14k on the bike. When I get back I notice they have made an elementary mistake casting the new sill and have to spend part of the evening correcting it.

Tuesday. Day 2 of the builders. It’s like having a herd of elephants running round the house – they even manage to break a perfectly good broom sweeping a path. I hover like a mother hen trying to limit their destructiveness – when I do leave for a 7k run (in 35″26′ and which takes my mind off the stress) and 6k cycle, I get back to find that one has fallen down the stairs and broken the sill which he made wrong yesterday and I corrected! He has now taken my stepladders and I am typing this wondering how he is going to find a way to break them.

Wednesday. A disappointing end to the week as the builders were back and sucking my time and energy, so I achieved nothing. When they left I noticed an error in their work which will have to be corrected. Annoying. Very.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 – A Bike Trip and Builders”

  1. There are builders on both sides of me. They’re not even in my house but I’m annoyed to hell. I can’t even sit in my garden with a cuppa. My belated sympathies to you. I hope it’s all OK now.


    1. Nothing had been arranged but one of them was waiting outside my house in the rain when I got back from my swim at around 9am. He had neither the tools nor all the materials to finish the job so I sent him away. No more Mr Nice Guy!


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