Weeks 18 & 19 – Lakes and Cakes

One week in which I Cycle 68k and Run 14k ……

…and another in which I Cycle 137k, Run 20k and Swim 2.7k

En route to Kendal

Two weeks of interrupted training – first by the builders and then by a trip to the Lake District for 9 days. I was the assistant on a National Trust Working Holiday; 10 people building a footpath to a Youth Hostel – mostly in the rain. Here’s where we all stayed for the week : OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After a hard day’s labouring it wasn’t easy to find the energy to run or cycle, but I did manage a little of both. The main non-work activity was eating, as we had some very good cooks in the group and a lot of food. I have no self-control around food and every evening I ended up stuffed to the gills. When I am surrounded by cakes, biscuits, crisps, dinners and puddings every day I eat a lot of things that I wouldn’t normally. I know it sounds ungrateful, but it was nice to get back home and back to my normal frugal repasts again. This was my first time in the Lakes and we were located close to Windermere, which seems to be the main tourist area. On one day we were treated to an assortment of water-activities – canoeing, kayaking and sailing on the lake, and on another I visited a friend from London who I had run into quite by chance while food shopping in Windermere and who was staying in a flat she had recently bought in Ambleside. When the holiday ended I overnighted with my friends Rosie and Phil in Kendal on the way back to London. All this has nothing to do with my challenge of course, but helps to explain the low figures for the two weeks and why there was no weekly blog last week as I was away from the internet and the hustings.

Thursday 30th April. I give the builders the day off and have a day of sanity, buying some items for the new door in the morning (13k by bike), taking it easy in the afternoon and running 3k in the evening.

Friday. The builders are back, and after the mistakes they have made I don’t take my eye off them, so no Buddhist Centre today. Finally the door is weatherproof (just in time) and I can stop worrying that the house won’t be secure when I go on holiday tomorrow. A day of light labour, playing the gaffer, and cleaning up after they have gone. Manage a 3k light run and 1k to test my bike in the evening.

Saturday. Off to the Lake District (see above). Just 10k of cycling.

Sunday. Conservation work. No cycling but fought my tiredness to put in a 3k run up and down a very steep hill.

Monday. An activity day on the water, with kayaking, canoeing and dinghy sailing. Took off on my bike in the evening for 14k of riding alongside Windermere and locked the bike while I ran an out-and-back 5k.

Tuesday. Working all day in the rain on the footpath.

Wednesday. Work in the morning, but in the afternoon I was free to cycle round Esthwaite and on to Ambleside for tea and biscuits at a friend’s (30k).

Thursday. Better weather for the work. In the evening I got a lift to Hawkshead and ran the 4k back to base.

Friday. Wake up to a Tory government. 😦  A morning of work, then a group walk in the afternoon.

Saturday. The end of the  holiday. Cleaned up the basecamp then cycled to Kendal to stay with friends via the cross-Windermere ferry (25k).

Sunday. A 45″ (approx) morning run led by my friend Phil up and down the hills near Kendal – counted as a long 5k. Then the train back to London and home – 11k cycling, mostly to and from stations.

Monday. Wake up in my own bed (bliss). Sort of tired and out-of-whack, but manage 11k of cycling filling up the larder and on odd-jobs.

Tuesday. A  big effort to get back on track – 2.7k of swimming in the morning, 39k of cycling in the afternoon, and 3k of running in the evening.

Wednesday. A beautiful sunny day to add respectability to the week’s totals – I took my ‘best’ bike to the park for two hours and covered 42k. In the late afternoon I added another 10k on my regular bike and an 8k run in around 45 minutes.


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