Week 20 – Progress Report

In which I Cycle 248k, Run 36k and Swim 3k

Allowing for a spare couple of weeks at the end, this, the 20th week of the year, represents the 40% mark in terms of time elapsed. Free of other constraints, I went all-out to put in the longest swim, longest run and greatest distance cycled in one week to try to keep my targets in sight. Most of the cycling was round and round various parks like a hamster on a wheel but should be useful training if I get out of London on some longer road trips.

My cumulative totals for the year are:

Cycling – 1,934k (19.34%)

Running – 490k (49%)

Swimming – 31.7k (31.7%)

And if I graph my weekly totals it looks like this:Weeks1-20

On the vertical axis 1 represents ‘par’ for one week – either 200k cycling plus 20k running plus 2k swimming or,  in reality, a weighted total of all three. The graph shows me getting up to speed and fitness in first four weeks followed by a week when I was wiped out with a cold and getting back to par over the next two weeks. After that there are nine weeks where I am hitting my targets pretty consistently followed by an interrupted fortnight when I was disrupted by builders or on holiday. Two more good weeks follow, with the last week being far-and-away the most productive yet. Still, it is clear that on balance that there are  more shortfalls than surpluses and I am behind overall. Hopefully, long days and fine weather will enable me to catch up a bit.


Thursday 14th May. A day as dismal as yesterday was glorious. Far too wet to cycle and almost too wet to run, but I put in 4k in the evening. Nothing succeeds like success and I was motivated by the progress I’ve made in whittling away my running target to go out in the rain for only the second time (I think) this year.

Friday. 23k of cycling in the park and to the Buddhist Centre. A very easy 3k run to be fresh for tomorrow’s parkrun.

Saturday. The parkrun – I was delighted to see that two of my neighbours, David and Lisbeth had responded to my enthusiasm and decided to come along to the run. Considering my scrappy training since my last 5k parkrun 3 weeks ago I was happy with my time – 23″19′; 10 seconds outside my best. David & Lisbeth finished in fine form behind me and we had a neighbourly coffee afterwards. A trip to the South Bank and some circuits of Finsbury Park brought the daily cycle total up to a satisfactory 47k.

Sunday. Up early to sunshine and essayed a 10k run in around 53 minutes – the longest I have run in about 30 years (I once ran a half-marathon when I was about 29). A sore hip, but no other ill-effects. More park cycling, taking advantage of the good weather to put in another 46k for the day.

Monday. Rather wet. Put in my longest swim to date – a mind-numbing 120 lengths (3k) in just over 2 hours. Spent the afternoon decorating and then the sun came out in the evening so I went for a run (4k in 19″47′) and cycle (21k total for the day) in the park.

Tuesday. A big morning ride of over 2 hours, down to the Olympic Park via the Lee Valley and back through Hackney Marshes. Altogether, a very respectable 54k for the day, once a visit to LIDL is thrown in too. Then a brisk, evening 3k run in 14″10′ which even included a quick stop to pick up a 50p piece that was lying in the road. My only profitable run so far.

Wednesday. Cycled to the park for a 7k run in the morning and then used the bike again for some small errands. The afternoon weather looked changeable but I risked another ride. The carriageway at Finsbury Park is obstructed by the temporary installation of a funfair so I headed to a park in the Lee Valley which I saw yesterday and which had a fine perimeter path of smooth tarmac. After the gnarliness of Finsbury Park it felt like cycling on glass. I ended up putting in about 40k for the afternoon and 53k for the day.


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