Week 25 – Going round in Circles

In which I cycle 358k, Run 15k and Swim 0.4k

The Emirates Stadium – home to Arsenal FC but, more importantly, surrounded by a flat traffic-free concourse about half-a-mile around and ideal for cycling.

Next week sees the  half-way point for my year, so I will hold back on the statistics and graphs till then (yummy!). I’m afraid this week was rather prosaic – I have fallen so far behind on the cycling that I’m now reduced to churning out pointless circuits of the neighbourhood parks and quieter roads. Still, it produced a respectable total for the week, even if the running and swimming did get rather edged out of the mix. I feel that the running total is now totally within my reach, and it’s just as well because every time I run I am left with an aching hip for the rest of the day. I guess the years are catching up with me. So, without further ado – the daily details.


Thursday. The last morning of my holiday – just enough time for a 3k run, 12k of cycling and 0.4k swimming. Then the bus to Heraklion and, eventually, back into Gatwick at 2 am and home about 4am, just as day is breaking.

Friday. A recovery day. Of course, I needed to put some food in my empty cupboard, but only with 13k of cycling.

Saturday. I went to the Parkrun but it had been cancelled due to some organisation taking over part of the normal route. Normal service will not be resumed for another 3 weeks. Wasn’t too devastated as I cycled to Milton Keynes later in the day – 78k off my target and a puncture in a thunderstorm reminding me why people have cars or take trains.

Sunday. Back from Milton Keynes on a new inner tube. Another 81k on the bike. Made plans with a friend to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats later in the year. More of that anon……

Monday. Just grinding out some distance on the bike(s) around the locality to the tune of 56k. A 3k run in the evening was my first since coming back off holiday.

Tuesday. Some rides and a run in the park (6k) and a beautiful, balmy evening – perfect for cycling around in circles. 67k cycled to take my total belatedly past the 3,000k mark.

Wednesday. Another day of grinding the gears around Finsbury Park and the locale – and a trip to King’s Cross to get my ticket to Land’s End in August.  51k of cycling to which I added a 3k run in the evening and which takes my running total past the 600k (60%) mark for the year. 🙂


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