Week 26 – Half-Term Report

In which I Cycle 359k, Run 16k and Swim 2.9k

Week 26 – the halfway point of the year and time to take stock.

Cumulative totals at the end of 1st July (182nd day of the year): Cycling 3,441km (34.41%), Running 617km (61.7%), Swimming 50km (50%).

With a neat symmetry, I have completed exactly half my swimming target at this stage. The running has gone well with well over half the necessary distance completed, while the cycling lags but I have managed just over a third of the distance in the half-year, which is better than I could have anticipated a month ago. The run of good weather and late evening light has helped me get out on the bike most days and started to work on the big deficit. All I have to do is twice as much again in the second half of the year to meet my target.

But one picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s how the daily requirements changed day-by-day, showing how I have consistently kept ahead with the running (red), erratically kept up with the swimming (yellow) and rather let the cycling (blue) drift, but with a decent attempt in the last two months to claw back some lost ground:


And here are the full 26 weeks broken down by discipline. Week 24 was when I was in Crete and swimming every day. The troughs represent, respectively, laziness/unfitness, illness and holiday. Most other weeks were there or thereabouts. A par score on this graph is shown by the ‘600’ line (as 200k, 20k and 2k of each of cycling, running and swimming for the week, scaled to equal proportion of the targets).


On average I am slightly behind overall – but not by much – and I am leaner and hungrier going into the second half of the year. Grrr! It will be harder, as the cycling takes up much more time proportionally than the other two disciplines and the good weather will not last for ever, but cautiously there is reaon for optimism.


Thursday 25th June. A lovely warm, summery day. To the pool for 116 lengths to hit 50k for the year; 50% – right on target. Had work to do on the house but still managed a 3k run and 42k of cycling.

Friday. Making the most of the warm spell we are having to clock up 53k on the bike – in t-shirt and shorts! Great weather for cycling but too hot to run.

Saturday. Another pearler of a day but beat the heat to put in a 6k run in the shadiness of the Parkland Walk. Worked on the house most of the afternoon and with a bit of this-and-that-ism on the bike I managed a rather ragged 43k.

Sunday. Up and out at 6.30am. The only people in the park at that time are the very fit and the absolutely wasted. A brisk 15 miles or so before second breakfast with friends. We had some much-needed rain at last, but not enough to stop me topping up the daily bike mileage to 55k

Monday. Another perfect morning – to the park at 6am for 20 pre-breakfast miles. Spent nearly £60 on new tyre and chain for my bike – and it used to be a cheap form of transport. Hip was very sore after yesterday’s run so I spent time on the internet looking for a diagnosis – decided on bursitis, because I DO NOT STRETCH and am also using my old, worn-out shoes. Resolve to be more sensible in future and hope that the discomfort soon goes away. Believing in a charmed existence is no substitute for sensible habits, as I am having to learn the hard way. No run today as a result, but 56k on the bike.

Tuesday. The heatwave continues. The sky is bluer than I can ever remember seeing it in London –  the planes don’t even leave contrails. I’m up before the sun really gets going and put in 20 miles before breakfast at the cafe. Braving the heat I also manage a gentle 2k run in my newer shoes and partly on grass to see how my sore hip manages. Do some bike maintenance and tally up another 56k for the day.

Wednesday. HOTTEST….DAY…..EVER (in July anyway).


Beat the heat and cycled 20 miles before coffee & cake. Also tried a gentle 2k run in the evening – almost prostrated me with the heat, but my hip held up. Ended the day with 51k cycled in the bag.


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