Week 29 – La Dolce Vita

In which I Cycle 308k, Run 20k and Swim 5k


I talk a lot about rewarding myself with coffee and cake in these pages so I thought I would address the issue of my diet. I suppose I should  be concerned about carbo-loading, energy bars, electrolytic levels and such but in reality I just eat whatever I want. I’ve always been vegetarian and have made no special change for my increased activity levels. What little fat I had at the beginning of the year has pretty much all burnt away now in spite of my finding myself eating a lot more. Where I might have had two ricecakes and hummus, I find I now prefer to have three with a bit of peanut butter added for good measure and where I might have had a muesli bar I sometimes add a banana to the fare. Something I’m very partial to is sugary snacks and I’ve been eating a lot more of them since I started this activity programme. Most days I will have a couple of small cakes, a muesli bar and a couple of pieces of flapjack. Once in a while I might substitute nuts and dates in an effort to go easy on my pancreas. Once or twice a week I reward myself with a latte and cake at the cafe in the park where I mostly exercise – which I would never do otherwise. I know all that sugar is not healthy but it’s my comfort food and, being so active, I feel it would be hard to give up my little ‘treats’ on top of a rather demanding exercise regime. One thing at a time.


Thursday July 16th. Up early for a cycling stint in the park followed by a latte and flapjack – another 52k for the day and just a 3k run in the evening to go easy on my hip.

Friday. A swimming-pool morning – 100 lengths (2.5k), and a library trip too. I totalled a very boring 36k of mostly cycling in circles just to avoid losing ground. It’s almost like having a job.

Saturday. Parkrun. After several runs in 23-minutes-and-a-bit  I decided to try finally to break the 23-minute barrier. Fine weather, not too windy, nothing hurting, rested from yesterday – all the conditions seemed promising. Set off a bit quicker than normal and found myself embedded in a cluster of faster runners than usual. I just tried to stay with them, fairly successfully, pushing perhaps a little bit harder than in my normal laissez-faire manner. I had no energy left in my legs to accelerate to the finish, which made me think I had  put in more overall effort than usual. Later in the day I opened my email – a new PB by a whopping 53 seconds.


Also managed 41k on the bike.

Sunday, An early ride. The afternoon was given over to a barbeque in the street organised by some neighbours. The sun defied earlier forecasts to appear and shed a warming, salad-wilting glow over the whole affair, which brought me into contact with many as-yet-unmet neighbours as well as my local friends. Another evening cycle made up 41k for the day.

Monday. Rain put paid to my idea of an early cycle ride but it held off later long enough for me to put in 22 miles in 2 hours. I was going to go out again in the evening but there was  more rain, and when it ended the phone rang and by the time I had hung up it was too dark. 43k for the day.

Tuesday. Sunny; 20 miles in the park with a tin-tack through my tyre ending the ride. Trips for shops, banks and with some old lead to the scrap dealer’s. 57k in total.

Wednesday. Up with the lark and 2.5k swum, 6k run and 10k cycled – all by 10am and ended the day with a total of 38k cycled.


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