Week 35 – Glad when it’s over….

In which I Cycle 240k, Run 17k and Swim 2.5k

Back to my usual routine of a weekly swim, daily ride and alternate-day running. Suffering somewhat from deja vu (with an acute accent over the ‘e’). I’ve reached what I think of as ‘the doldrums’ and the two-thirds point of the year. All my targets seem under control and the majority of the work has been done – not enough to begin to think about finishing but far too much to contemplate quitting. There’s still 2,919k of cycling, 258k of running and 38.7k of swimming to be done yet. After all the effort and time put in there’s not yet an imminent end in sight – I can’t even think of making a big final push and leaving myself a month of idleness. However I split it there seems to be no getting away from the fact that this is going to take (almost) all year. Holidays and home improvements will have to continue to be shoe-horned in around my exercise and recovery periods. it’s annoying, and constricting – a bit like having a job. And I’m not getting any fitter now – my running times have plateauxed and my spare fat has gone. All I’m getting now is fatigue and niggling aches and pains – stiff muscles, a sore hip, achey knees and the occasional excruciating cramp when I swim – plus the embarrassment of having cramp in a public place; grimacing and gurning like the village idiot for no apparent reason.


Thursday 27th August. Legs a bit sore from yesterday’s 6k run – I’ve lost some running tone while I’ve been on my bike. 35k cycled.

Fri. Up early and to the pool for 2.5k on a quiet morning before the Bank Holiday. Still a bit stiff from Wednesday’s run so only cycled – 38k and mostly in the park.

Sat. Finsbury Parkrun 5k – took it fairly steady with a time that was down on my recent ones. Cycling may have helped my cardio-vascular performance but not my running muscles. Also a trip to the South Bank and another to see friends added 27k of cycling.


Sun. A gloomy day on which I didn’t feel like doing much. Forced myself to ride an hour-and-a -half in the afternoon and went out for dinner in the evening: 36k.

Mon. More Bank Holiday wet weather making it hard to get out and do much. Managed 29k of cycling in a couple of dry interludes and a late-night 3k run still with sore and stiff muscles from Saturday.

Tue. Another rainy day with some sunshine thrown in. Plodded 6k with my quads still feeling tender and also managed 37k of cycling in bits and bobs, including a rain-water shower.


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