Week 36 – A Belated Offering

In which I Cycle 255k, Run 28k and Swim 2.7k

A week that started off cold and autumnal but ended up Indian-summery. I have been very remiss in updating the blog and have had to try to reconstruct some days from my data records as they all start to blur after a very short delay. I think this is a reflection of how this ‘process’ (as Alan Sugar has to refer to “The Apprentice” —mmm, I wonder if there’ll be a new series soon) has become rather routine and almost automatic after 8 months  When it started I remember being enthused about trying to hit what seemed a rather ambitious target, then somewhat demoralised when it began to dawn on me how much time and energy it would consume. Now I feel rather resigned – apathetic almost – a lot of the time. Instead of exploring new streets in the neighbourhood to consume my cycling time I now tend to just circle my time-honoured routes – those with little traffic and relatively flat. That way I can meet my quota in the minimum amount of time. Also, with the running I have stopped taking my stopwatch and noting my times – my speed has more-or-less levelled off & any improvements will be minimal. My new sports watch is almost unused – I’m happy just to put in the requisite distance at a respectable pace without pushing myself these days. I save my legs for Parkrun days where the crowd of runners will pull me along at a faster pace than I can manage by self-motivation. The swimming, to be fair, was always nothing more than a number-grind; at first eighty lengths and now around a hundred, up and down, up and down, metronomically. With fine mornings it’s actually a lot more pleasant now than at the beginning of the year – it’s still light at 6.30 when the pool opens and the morning is warming up when I have finished. Those early swims in February and March (and one in January) were purgatory. At the moment my main incentive to keep going is to do as much as I can while the weather is decent and save myself cold, dark runs, rides and swims when winter approaches.


Thursday 3rd September. Early start with 25k cycled in the park and the usual Parkrun course run in 24″30′. For some reason my knees were hurting. Oh, well.

Friday. Another early-morning swim day (2.7k).  At 6.30am it’s not full daylight any more – winter is coming. Several trips by bike – shopping, banking and volunteering (35k).

Sat. A cold, mizzly morning for the Parkrun. Didn’t feel much in the mood but managed a respectable time in the end. Only one woman finished in front of me this week! It always surprises me how much faster it is running with other people around – only two days ago I ran the same course on my own 1″47′ slower and I didn’t feel like I was taking it easy. Cycle trips added up to 33k.


Sunday – living up to its name. There was sun all day so I made the most of it with an early 7k run and cycle round the park followed by an afternoon of work on the house and another lazy bike ride to make the most of the first really nice day we’ve had in a while, clocking up 52k.

Mon. The good weather continues. A park ride and a trip to town for a large lunch with my sister, who was visiting London for the day racked up 35k of cycling and a rather pathetic 2k run on a still-full stomach in the evening.

Tue. Up and off early for a 20-mile cycle in the park and a 6k long, slowish run along the Parkland Walk. That cleared the afternoon for work on the door/window.

Wed. Tried a 3k run first thing and came back to breakfast feeling virtuous. A nice 32k cycle on streets and park paths to finish the week with a treat of coffee, brownie and the morning paper at the cafe.


One thought on “Week 36 – A Belated Offering”

  1. Yes, I can certainly recognise when doing stuff alone can turn into a drudge. That earlier experience of achievement vanishes. Maybe that’s what friendly competition is about , the mix of like minded company , with the added benifit of support and encouragement .


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