Week 38 – Short & Sweet

In which I Cycle 192k, Run 25k and Swim 2.7k

No picture and precious little text. I’m flying to Crete in a few hours and just needed to quickly update this blog – I won’t be back at my desk for another fortnight and didn’t want to compress three week’s worth of activity into one post. A few mileposts passed this week and less than 100 days left in the year – things definitely seem to be heading towards the finish now. The next fortnight I will be bike-less but there will be the large, warm swimming pool of the Mediterranean on my doorstep, so the swimming at least should go well. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to report in – with pictures! For now, just the dreary diary details.


Thursday 17th Sept. An early start with 2.7k swum at the pool. I’d planned on a long run but I was tired and it rained a lot so only managed a 3k dash instead. 33k on the bike for the day.

Fri. Awful wet day but got lucky in the morning with an hour when it wasn’t raining to put in some bike-miles. Then it bucketed down when I went to the shops and I got wet again going to the Buddhist Centre. My friend Tony came to stay over for his son’s graduation on Saturday morning so all I got done in the day was 32k of cycling.

Sat. The Parkrun is back in Finsbury Park. Had a decent 5k run 15 seconds outside my personal best which took me past the 800k/80% mark for the year 🙂 Met and talked with Jeremy Corbyn,  my local MP and now leader of the Labour Party, as he was grabbing a coffee at the table next to ours in the cafe. He seemed very interested in the Parkrun and we may well have a new participant in a fortnight’s time, once his party conference is out of the way. If Christian Wolmar keeps coming we may in the future have a Prime Minister and a Mayor of London at our little gathering.

Sun. A lovely morning. Just right for a 6k run and a bit of a cycle. The afternoon was also glorious so finished up with 33k for the day.

Mon. It’s a great feeling to sit down to breakfast at 7am having already run 3k. Not such nice weather today so after a spin in the park and some shop visiting, parked the bike at lunchtime with 26k logged.

Tue. Lots of rain kept me indoors until mid-afternoon, when I escaped to run 5k and cycle 26k

Wed. Got a plane to catch. Up early for a quick 3k run and then had a pootle in the park and a stop for coffee – 12k.


2 thoughts on “Week 38 – Short & Sweet”

  1. Quite a coup – not just meeting your average run of the mill MP but the newly elected leader of the Labour Party in your local park, just after he’s been elected and just before his first party conference. Hundreds of hacks and photographers must spend hours each day hoping to get that close to the man.


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