Weeks 42 & 43 – Late Again!

A week in Which I Cycle 201k, Run 20k and Swim 2.7k

.and another in which I Cycle 211k, Run 20k and Swim 2.5k

….now THAT’S consistency.

Yes, I’m getting lazy, or maybe just tired. I couldn’t be bothered to blog last week, so this is a 2-weeker, All the exercising is becoming routine now, after ten months. It’s hard to still get excited about my progress. At the start of the year everything was so novel and there was also the slight fear of failing to finish – especially as I fell further and further behing in the cycling and swimming. Now, by contrast, I am ahead of my schedules and only need to keep grinding away to make my targets. I can’t help thinking how much clearer my days will be without all this moving energetically about and I am almost resentful that I still have to complete every last mile, having already abundantly demonstrated that it is within my compass. Another psychological barrier is the fact that the days are now getting progressively shorter and colder and it all becomes so much less fun. If I combine a cycle and a run I now need more warm clothes to ride which I have to divest  myself of and leave with the bike for the running section. Gloves and a hat are becoming a daily necessity and encumbrance. Now that the clocks have gone back the evenings are increasingly dark, which makes it hard to catch up after a missed day and adds further pressure to getting up on cold mornings and launching into action. A  year is a long time – more than 1% of one’s whole life, at a generous estimate – and it feels it. But there is light at the end of the tunnel – less than 100k left to run, which feels achievable in quite a short time, and with one discipline down and only two to go, my morale may rise. And, happily, mince pies are back on the shelves, so it’s not all doom-and-gloom.


Thursday 14th October. A morning cycle of 15 miles (24k) – my daily running-target – in 1 hour 19 minutes. Other little trips take the total to 31k and keep the target moving in the right direction. Plus a short afternoon run of 3k.

Friday. 3k run to start the day and rattled off the daily biking target in 1 hour and 12 minutes.

Saturday. Yes, it’s the Parkrun – a bit faster than last week.

Parkrun23 On the bike into town in the evening – a rare night out partying. Ate my weight in junk but worked off 27k’s worth of food in cycling.

Sunday. Off to South London for breakfast – 28k of cycling, but otherwise a rest day. Bliss. Exactly 80% of the way through the year with the cycling 82.5% done, the running 88.5% and swimming 85.1%. On course.

Mon. Wide awake at 5.30am so it’s a day for swimming. Complete 108 lengths (2.7k) and home again by 9 o’clock. Sort of lose momentum messing around on the computer and have to belatedly force myself out on a grey afternoon to get 29k of cycling out of the day.

Tue. 6k run along the Parkland Walk, 27k cycled in park circuits and a library foray

Wed. A rainy morning with a sopping 3k run, just at school opening time with lots of pedestrians and badly-driven cars – never again. Eventually the rain relented in the late afternoon and I managed a weary, tedious 26k by bike.

Thursday 22nd October. A run and ride before breakfast. The 6k run brought the year’s total to 900k/90% exactly :). As it was a nice afternoon, in contrast to yesterday, I took advantage of it to have another cycle outing and notch up 39k over the day.

Fri. An easy day – my cycle apportionment done in 1 hour 12 mins in the park. then visited my father in the afternoon – a mix of bike, undeground and bus to bring the day’s bike mileage to 30k.

Sat. The usual Parkrun – time similar to last week’s. A party in the evening, which wasn’t as distant as I expected, so only managed 21k when I should be doing 23k a day. Shock, horror.


Sun. Thanks to my clean-living, no hangover and a wonderful, sunny morning. Made the most of it – who knows how many more are left this year? – clocked up 34k cycled.

Mon. All shades of russet and yellow in the park, looking lovely in the sunshine. A Parkland Walk 6k run, with leaves falling like snow in the tunnel of the trees. In spite of the clear skies, a warm day – probably the best we will get this year, so took advantage to cycle 30k,

Tue. Bright and early, off for a swim. Thanks to clock-tinkering, it’s almost light again at 6.30am. 2.5k/100 lengths, then some pedalling round the park (26k) and a scrambled-eggs-on-brown breakfast at the caff.

Wed. A rainy morning, but when I finally forced myself out for a 3k run, it miraculously stopped, as when Moses parted the Red Sea. Then the sun came out, unexpectedly, like Jesus rising from the dead (okay, I’ll stop that now) and I rode my daily goal in 1 hour 14mins and totalled 31k for the day.


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