Weeks 46 & 47 – Comings and Goings

One week in which I Cycle 151k and Run 3k and another

In which I Cycle 144k, Run 12k and Swim 2.5k

It’s another two-weeks-rolled-into-one episode as I spent 9 days travelling and on another National Trust working holiday as the team leader. I’ve discussed these before in an earlier post, so I won’t repeat myself except to add that this working week was spent in Sussex, mainly on Cissbury Ring. On this iron-age hill fort we were doing the job that sheep used to perform in removing scrub and small trees that would otherwise obliterate the surface features. Sheep can’t tolerate the area now as there are too many dog-walkers. I’m sure the views would have been spectacular but we had a week of wind, rain and poor visibility. Even the great bonfires we built to dispose of the brash (see photo) couldn’t really cheer the scene up. After three days of that we were glad of a day off to explore Chichester and the surrounding countryside. Then we had two days of making play features for children on nearby Worsham Common, such as this den in the woods :-



Sadly, there wasn’t enough time or daylight for my exercise activities, so apart from the long cycle ride down there and a few days of my regular routine after I got back, it wasn’t a very productive fortnight in chasing down my targets. On the day I came home winter at last arrived on my heels and FINALLY, on the 21st November, I had to put the central heating on in earnest.


Thursday 12th November. Still amazingly warm – I haven’t needed the central heating yet this winter. 8k of shopping trips by bike in the morning.

Fri. Off to Sussex again to stay the night at Tony’s. 3k run first, then cycled from Richmond to Stedham, arriving in the dark 98k later.

Sat. First day of the holiday. Cycled to the basecamp in Slindon through light rain – 29k.

Sunday-Friday. Conservation working – no runs or rides.

Saturday 21st November. End of holiday and I rode to Pulborough Station in high winds which had brought down a tree on the railway line. Finally got to London Victoria after an hour and a half and rode home to log 29k for the day. Rounded off the day with a 3k run in the dark and cold – my first in eight days.

Sun. Winter has really arrived with a vengeance. Dry weather at last, but COOOLD! A morning ride with icy puddles and freezing fingers and another to get something for my empty larder – another 29k day. 3k run in the evening.

Mon. Still cold. Another 29k day on the bike and another 3k run in the evening.

Tue. The weather has turned warmer but wetter. Only one thing to do when it’s too wet to run – go swimming. Put in another 100 lengths in what should be my ante-penultimate swim, then treated myself to breakfast in the park cafe. 23k of cycling and no run.

Wed. Late out of bed but managed 34k of cycling over the day and a 3k run in the evening.




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