Weeks 48 & 49 – Out of the Running

One Week in Which I Cycle 196k and Run 13k

…and One in Which I Cycle 171k and Run 15k

Two modest weekly totals without a single swim, but in which I finally meet my running target for the year, 23 days ahead of schedule. Now analysed in nerdish detail:

Running Manhattan

Above is my running “Manhattan” for the year, showing the shortest runs of 2k and the longest one of 10k. The big blanks represent man-flu in February, two conservation holidays and the long end-to-end cycle ride in August. Otherwise the running was pretty consistent over the year with the biggest effort around March and April and falling off a bit in the second half of the year as I was ahead of my target.

As for performance levels:


Apart from one very slow week when I was volunteering as tail-runner a rise in my performance is evident up to about the middle of the year, doubtless as a result of all the training I was putting in. After that it pretty much levels off, showing that it took me about three months to get up to close to maximum fitness but that there was not much improvement after that. Maybe a combination of increasing age, fatigue, decreased motivation and less training  led to the plateau of the latter half of the year.

Time taken for each 100km (in days): 39, 25, 21, 27, 31, 32, 39, 48, 33, 47 (total = 342 days).

Even though I will almost certainly put some more runs in before the year ends it’s nice to have ticked off my target in one of the three disciplines and be able to concentrate on the remainder – only 4.6k of swimming and 406k of cycling left to go.

On a sad and personal note, my mother, Joyce, died on the 9th December. Rest in peace mum.



Thursday 26th November. A dreaded day because I have a dental appointment. Tried to cycle off my stress by cycling in the park and stopped for coffee with some friends who happened to be there. In the end all I needed was a good clean – I’m such a worrier! 30k off my cycle target.

Friday. An early 3k run before the gasman cometh to service the boiler. I was his first appointment of the day so he was finished by 9.30 and so I managed a cycle as well. Buddhist centre volunteering in the afternoon brought up 32k in the day for the cycling.

Sat. Parkrun and a cold, crisp, sunny morning. As I haven’t trained very much in the last two weeks I decided just to enjoy the scene and took it very easy in a slow time. The usual post-run coffee & cake and a trip to the Tate Modern to meet Cathy for even more coffee & cake in the afternoon. A mere 21k of cycling altogether.

Parkrun 27

Sun. A windy day with rain forecast, so did my daily cycle quota in 1hr 13m before it got too bad and went to Islington for a meal in the evening, racking up 32k for the day.

Mon. Fierce winds & lots of small shopping trips on the bike – 26k in all, and a 3k run in the evening to round the day off.

Tue. Coffee/chats in the park, 28k ridden and a nice little 2k run after dinner.

Wed. Thanks to my early efforts, could afford to treat myself to an easy day – just 29k atop the bike.

Thursday 3rd December. A new week and probably the last one in which I have to run. Pleasant weather for a 4k run and 23k cycle in the park.

Fri. I don’t usually run on a Friday but did my daily cycle in 1hr 2mins and with a trip to the Buddhist Centre, clocked 29k for the day

Sat. Parkrun, of course – possibly my last one this year so I tried a little bit harder than last week’s pottle and got back to a regular sort of time. Storm ‘Desmond’ has arrived and strong winds make both running and cycling rather trying at times but managed a weary 23k of cycling.Parkrun28Sun. A morning on the Parkland Walk, but only as a volunteer ‘scrub-basher’ helping to keep a stretch of it bramble-free. As I’ve had so much use out of it this year I thought I ought to put something back.  A tiring few hours which meant I only cycled 21k this day.

Mon. I wanted to go swimming but got up too late. Then I wanted to put in a run on the Parkland Walk but it was too wet and muddy, so in the end I had to settle for just a 3k run and 26k of cycling.

Tue. Meant to put in a swim but misread my bedside watch, got up too early, went back to bed, and then overslept. The usual Tuesday meet-up at the cafe and 26k of cycling. A 3k run in the evening brought up the 1,00k mark 🙂 Yay! Friends Phil and Rosie from rain-lashed Cumbria came down to stay the night – en route to the climate-change protests in Paris.

Wed. An unexpected call from my sister to tell me that our mother had died, unexpectedly, during the night. After seeing Rosie and Phil off on the Eurostar, decided that a bike-ride would probably help occupy my mind and rode a weary, slightly teary 23k.



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