Week 51 – All Gone Swimmingly

In Which Cycle 141k, Run 3k and Swim 2.2k

This is the week in which I met my swimming target. No more early morning trips to the local pool with its communal showers and municipal changing room. No more repetitive lengths for hour upon hour weaving around, being stuck behind or getting splashed by other swimmers. Many at the early hour I went seemed to be there on medical prescription – perhaps because of obesity, a stroke or just general physical disability. I wasn’t quite fast enough to mix with the serious swimmers with their caps and eye-goggles and mostly swam in the section designated for the lame and the halt. Except for a few sweet-faced girls, the others seemed mostly there in order to annoy me until those very rare occasions when a few words were exchanged and they metamorphosed into ordinary human beings. Now I know I won’t have to ever see them again, they don’t seem so bad.

So….on to the statistics. The final total comprised 30 pool sessions, a swim in the river Wey, 3 swims in a lake and many short swims in the sea off Crete. The week-by-week bar chart (y-axis units are in tens of metres) looks like this:Swimming

A slow first few weeks, then a regular weekly swim with a few absences and a huge increase when in Crete in May. This was followed by a rather lazy period in the summer but which included two pool swims in the same week and a few missed weeks when I was on cycling holiday. Then a regular weekly swim again each week, with some larger totals when I was in Crete, but less than in the early summer as the water was rougher (though warmer). With the onset of winter the schedule slowed down, partly because I was so ahead of the game that the pressure was off, although it was hard to motivate myself to polish off those last few swims.

Breaking the swum distance down into 10k stages the times taken were (in days): 69, 20, 41, 16, 12, 64, 28, 18, 17 and 52. Quite uneven.


Thursday 17th Dec. I’m struggling to remember anything other than meeting my park friends for a coffee (al fresco, as the weather is so mild) but my log tells me I covered 22k by bike.

Fri. To King’s Cross to get tickets for the funeral (train tickets, that is) and the Buddhist Centre in the afternoon. 18k cycled. Apparently it’s the warmest December day EVER! I like it.

Sat. Parkrun; this week I’m giving out the finishing tokens and letting others do the running – because I don’t have to 🙂 Lost a bet of a cup of coffee to my neighbour David, who reckoned he’d seen Ed Balls on the run. My scepticism was rebutted when we saw him in the cafe afterwards. A bit of a bike ride and another to Euston to see friends near Milton Keynes. 22k in all.

Sun. A lazy day -just 15k on the bike to keep me on track. Winding down now.

Mon. A last pre-dawn ride to the pool, which opened an hour late “because it’s Xmas”. It meant I put in some extra cycling as well as the 88 lengths needed to complete my goal of 100 kilometres for the year. 🙂 The day’s riding came to 21 k.

Tue. A storm-tossed last day of the cafe before Xmas closure and a few laps in the park to work up an appetite for my Tuesday treat – eggs on toast. Somehow totalled 22k for the day by bike.

Wed. The calm after yesterday’s gales – clear and sunny, and finally, the days start getting longer. 21k by bike – a mixture of shopping and training runs, and an additional 3k run to keep in shape.


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